Aria Mavvaji

Pastor to Young Adults

I serve as the Pastor to Young Adults for Cornerstone Church. It is my privilege and responsibility to care for the teen students and young adults of Cornerstone through teaching God's word, prayer, and discipling. I lead the Youth and RISE ministries. My desire is for everyone at Cornerstone, especially the youth and young adults, to grow in love, knowledge, and devotion to God by becoming and reproducing disciple-makers of Jesus Christ.

My Story

I was born into a family with mixed religions. My mother was a Christian and my dad was from a Muslim background. Neither pushed me to become one or the other; I was largely apathetic toward God. I spent the first ten years of my life doing “normal” American kid things like playing sports and video games. When I was ten my dad died and my mom moved my sister and me to Texas so we could be close to family. When I was 13 my mom sent me to a Christian camp. It was at this camp that I heard about Jesus for the first time. I didn’t understand what the leaders were talking about during Bible studies so I asked my Cabin Leader to explain. Later that night I prayed with my Cabin Leader and he led me to place my faith in the saving power of Jesus’ death on the cross and bodily resurrection from the dead. A few years later God called me to serve his church as a pastor.

I met my wife, Kate, while we were both still in high school. We dated through college and were married in the summer of 2009. We have two precious daughters, Clara and Amelia. Our greatest prayer for our children is that they love the Lord with all their heart.

In the summer of 2016, God sent my family on our next adventure for his glory by moving us from Dallas, TX to Skippack, PA. We feel blessed to be part of such a loving and faithful church like Cornerstone.