Jesus commanded his followers to MAKE DISCIPLES of all the nations. We believe this command is for the church today as well. Cornerstone’s mission is to MAKE DISCIPLES locally in Montgomery County but also globally by partnering with missionaries, foreign and domestic. All this is for the purpose of advancing the kingdom of God all around the world. We desire for the name of Jesus to be proclaimed among all people, for their good and the glory of God.

Serious about gospel advancement

Each year about one-third of our budget is given to missions

Our Missionaries


Maria Gusmao

Location: Recife, BRAZIL

Mission: Maria Gusmao (or "Cida" as her friends call her) is a missionary to her own people in Brazil. She works under Bible Centered Ministries out of Pennsylvania, and has a vast ministry going in both the urban and rural settings of Brazil. We send groups to Brazil every few years to help her out and to learn from each other.


Tim & Laura Lindsay

Location: Idaho Falls, ID

Mission: The mission of Old Faithful Christian Ranch (OFCR) is to spread the 'Good News' of Jesus Christ to everyone who comes to the camp, whether they are campers, staff members, or guests. OFCR’s goal is to minister for Christ to individuals and groups that choose to spend time at OFCR. Through studying God's Word, good wholesome fun, and/or renewing spiritual times, we will strive to make every visit a memorable and uplifting experience.


Chariots For Hope

Location: Kaptagat, Kenya

Mission: Chariots for Hope exists to honor God by loving, nurturing, and providing for vulnerable and orphaned children by leading and sustaining holistically healthy children’s homes in Kenya. We seek to provide these children with opportunity and hope so that they develop into exemplary citizens, leaders, and followers of Jesus Christ.


William & Dawn Owens

Location: Beattyville, KY

Missions: The Owens family help run the Kentucky Mountain Mission. The camp is open all summer, and is open for weekend retreats the rest of the year. Raised in Kentucky, William attended the Youth Haven Bible Camp, of which he is now director. He's also a pastor of Bear Track Church and serves on the local school board. Dawn works in the Camp office. Their daughter Amanda is a teacher & helper at the camp. Their son Andy runs KMM's Lee County Recreation Center which provides activities for youth and adults. 


Tim & Donna Sirinides

Location: Athens, Greece

Mission: The Sirinides are part of Helping Hands, whose tag-line is "A full-service station, demonstrating the care of God for the Refugees on the Athens exit ramp of the Refugee Highway." Donna's ministry focuses on two fronts - home: practicing hospitality by inviting refugee friends into the home; and the Refugee Center: working with the children and families. Tim does personal outreach, discipleship, and spends a lot of time at The Nest, a shelter ministry. He also works at the Refugee Center and is on the Leadership Team.


Arab World Trainer

Location: Arab Speakers Worldwide

Mission: To equip Arab speaking Christians and non-Christians to be able to read and understand the Bible for themselves as well as equip churches to make disciples. This is done through inductive Bible studies focused around the person and work of Jesus Christ.